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January 29, 2004



GREAT PIECE! Wish I had read it before writing to Annenberg, but I think I still scored a few points: 1. The issue is not whether Bush was prosecuted for his behavior in the Guard. Of course he wasn't. Richard Nixon was never prosecuted for ordering the Brookings Institute burned down, but everyone knows he did so.

2. The story elides key details of Bush's move from Texas to Alabama. He requested permission to go to one unit and left without having received permission. He was later granted permission to attend a different unit. This point, on disregarding regulations, is critical to assessing whether he did or did not desert.

3. The article elides a fact that is crucial to differentiating between whether Bush "missed a few drills" or whether he committed an infraction against military law: the fact that he was suspended for failing to obtain a physical examination. Failing to take a physical amounts to failure to obey an order.



4. The article further fails to note the consequence of that: since Bush was suspended from flying, he could not have lawfully attended drill.

5. The article fails to mention that George Magazine author Peter Keating was caught in a bit of documentary fiddling. He presented a document that had been altered as proof of Bush's completion of drills…

6. Astonishingly, the article fails to mention that the documents themselves… are available online. …

7. The article fails to examine (a) what constitutes desertion according to the Air Guard and (b) how it is punished. …

It is here that serious consideration is required: … Bush didn't do all the drill he was supposed to. Bush left his post without having received permission and that he refused to obtain a physical. Does this constitute the state of mind (intending not to return) fulfilling the statutory definition of desertion? This is the question that readers need to answer, not whether Bush was prosecuted or not.

Susie Dow

A quick google search using:

"george w bush" Texas national guard

brings up:


as the first link.

gif's of the actual docs related to George W. Bush's service record are available on that site. Granted traffic may have increased to but I find it hard to believe they didn't google around for more information. Shoddy work at

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