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January 25, 2004


John W

Question: Have you confronted with your comments? I looked for a way to post an immediate response after reading their coverage a couple of days ago but couldn't find a way to reach them.



You can email at this address:

I've done so, I got an autoreply saying, basically, that they read every email, though they may not be able to respond to each one.

Other ways of contacting them are listed here:

And, if you'd like to contact ABC's Political Unit to point out what they wrote in The Note in 2002, you can use this email address:

Thanks for reading.


Fact Check is part of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania (

They have a reputation to defend. Write to Dean Kathleen Hall Jamieson (

Copy journalism watchdogs such as Columbia Journalism Review, American Journalism Review, Editor and Publisher, FAIR and so on. This is not a question of ideology. It's a question of basic journalistic standards.

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