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February 13, 2004


John W

From the Allen/Milbank article in WaPo, dated Feb. 14, 2004:

"And the records show officials from Bush's home base in Texas declining to provide details of his activities between May 1972 to April 1973, even though such documentation was requested by National Guard headquarters. "

You can decline to provide a superior officer or command with the information they request? No one told the rest of us who ever served this country in a military capacity.

The question I want to ask is: is this the same Texas that Burkett is talking about? The one who's Air National Guard commanding officer he accused of destroying records and now heads up the National Guard in Washington?

Burkett is wrong only if the TANG people provide Bush's complete record, not if they decline to provide them.


John W

I want to apologize.

My guess is the 'declining' refers to the 1973 TANG letter for failing to provide a performance review, not to the Texas Air National Guard recently declining to supply military records.

But still, where are the records from Texas and St. Louis that can be compared to those from Denver?

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