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February 16, 2004



Well, for what it's worth I understand your point. It's typical of many right wing pundits to jump to such conclusions and mis-state the news hoping no one will analyze it.

Hugh Hewitt did a similar thing Sat. on Fox Heartland. He claimed to have read all 400+ pages of newly released Bush TANG docs. And just stated flat out that there was nothing there to support the AWOL allegations.

I'm sure the typical Heartland audience just nodded and accepted that as truth, when a little thought would have made a more skeptical audience doubt he could have read all those docs and drawn any conclusion without being familiar with those forms in the first place. Oh well...


You might want to read Calpundit's extraordinary work on the Burkett story before concluding that Lt. Col. Burkett lied.

1) In 2002, Conn went on the record with USAToday to confirm Burkett's story.

2) Conn did not really contradict Burkett to the Globe. He simply refused to confirm.

3) To Calpundit, Conn made it clear he is in fear of losing his job. Although he's far from direct, one senses that he is still confirming Burkett now.

4) If Burkett is not telling the truth, we have to otherwise account for the fact that the files seem to be missing documents.

I believe Bill Burkett, simply because it's easier than explaining away the above.


Well, I haven't concluded that Burkett lied. (And I have read Calpundit's stuff; it's excellent.)

Numbers 1-3 in your post don't really substantiate Burkett's allegations. Number 4 provides some reason to believe them, but certainly isn't proof.

As the situation stands now, I don't believe Burkett's allegations, primarily because I'm not ready to believe Bush & Co. are guilty of something based solely on one man's allegations. But that's a far cry from having concluded that "Burkett lied."

We just don't know enough facts yet to reach a conclusion one way or another.

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