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February 15, 2004


Captain Ed

Hmmm ... well, the story said that Burkett based his story on the recollections of his friend George Conn, who when finally contacted by the Globe said that Burkett's story was, in your words, bullshit. While I may have worded it a little strongly, if Burkett's only witness to the alleged events say they never happened, then it seems to me that Burkett is being dishonest -- in other words, lying. This, in turn, led me to make the statement that not only was Burkett lying, but the entire national media that aired this story violated the principles they invoke while suppressing the Kerry infidelity story: they ran with a single, second-hand source for a story. Moore, who's releasing a book on the allegations next week and who's appearing on TV talk shows this month to flack it, never even bothered to attempt interviews with the principals in Burkett's story. They also failed to include the context of Burkett's ongoing complaints with the TANG, which indicates some strong personal motivation to embarrass its leadership.

Sorry, but I stand by my characterization. Prof. Reynolds passed on to his readers the gist of my opinion. I write my opinion on articles when I blog, which I don't think is terribly different than what you do. That's why I include links back to the original articles when I blog, so that readers can review the source material and decide whether they agree with me or not. If they do, great, and if not, that's fine too.


Captain Ed, I have no problem with your interpretation of the Globe article. As I've said, I'm quite skeptical of Burkett's claims myself.

My problem is that you (and Reynolds) made it appear that your interpretation is what the Globe reported.

When you write: "Globe: Bush AWOL Accusers Lied," that looks like the Globe is saying that Burkett lied. The Globe didn't say that. It's your (reasonable) interpretation that Burkett lied. But that's not something the Globe said.

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