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February 18, 2004



code name 47 dina agnice

my dear and my sir

my name is muddsar hussain and i living

at pakistan azad kashmir

i am a poor boy and my age is20 year dear i am not speaking and writing full

english but i try dear i am a honist and noblie boy iam 9class pass and lost

time fali loss

i contact maney people he my help he send my side involving immigrationor

and sponsorship but never help my

i contact the pension service uk his send me the british high commission

islamabad address

i send maney application but not my help i am contact maney our people but

my not help his for you one

sir this time money pople my enmie my his contact is al quide group and

osame liked it.

sir i am not like thise and pakistan pepole i am not stay her but i have not

way .sir this time my home momber out me at home the pakistan police my

enime is backe me he aristed me and bite me sir pleace my help pleace give

suport this time my god not help pleace you tell un usa pople his live in

pakistan my help i like in your pople you write and all time you write sir

this perhaps my lost emali in your site sir i have short time and money.

palease my help

my belive me and my confidence pleace pleace pleace pleace pleace pleace

sir give me real one power

my postall address

muddsar hussian

vill hamid bad colony

po eiser

dist:mirpure azad kashmir pakistan

codename 47
pleace acept me i am all life thanks
pleace one time meet mr buss pleace

Book Publishers

I more or less agree with you, even 5 years on from this post.

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